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What is a supporter doing?

As a supporter you are the first contact person of one or more refugees. Together you form a tandem.

Under this tandems you give assistance with everyday things such as administrative procedures, translations, looking for accommodation, homework help, etc.

The design of the tandem responsibility of their free design. The range of activities of a supporter is just as exciting as creative and often includes the integration into a social environment, what is the best form of integration.

How do I become a supporter?

The easiest way to become a „Wir Sind Paten“ supporter is to fill out our online form.

Then we register you in our database and invite you to our matching events where you can meet your mentee.

Alternatively, you can visit us in one of our offices in Germany and we will help ypu to fill in the forms. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to ask our team.

How does the matching work?

We connect you with your mentee at our exciting matching events.

The matching depends on location, age, language and interests.

What happens after the matching?

Once we have brought you together with your mentee, the „Wir sind Paten“ team is still available to answer you and your mentee any questions.

You also have the opportunity to come to our events to spend time with your mentee and to get to know other people.